Your Business and Accounting Solutions Partners

Our History

“I am Phyllis Ludwig, and I founded Ludwig Business Consultants on March 1, 2002. It was my birthday, and I started the business for a few reasons. First, as an experienced CPA, I knew I had a lot to offer and could make a greater impact on society by consulting with multiple clients instead of working in a traditional CFO role for one company. The second reason, my mission, was to enhance the image of the professional woman; to pave the way; to break the glass ceiling.”

“During our first ten years, I grew the breadth of the consultation practice. I expanded from taxation and small business clients to mid-market companies in need of higher accounting-level services. Looking back, I realize that it took a long time to make the paradigm shift in the eyes of others from a female mom ‘bookkeeper’ to an experienced female professional. To arm myself with the credentials that I needed, I enrolled in and completed an Executive MBA at Temple University in 2005.”

“Since then, we have grown with the changes in technology and the world, bringing our standards of excellence to comprehending each shift and using that knowledge to help our clients excel in their business goals. Our team truly strives to empower our clients to succeed.”

This history highlights that at the foundation of LBC is a highly credentialed and highly regarded CPA/MBA business owner with a drive for success and a commitment to excellence. These values are the fabric of our company culture at Ludwig Business Consultants.

Our Success and Growth

Ludwig Business Consultants is on the cutting edge of outsourced business consultant offerings. We know that very few firms offer this breadth of services, support, and genuine concern for the success of the client. We keep our eye on innovation and transformation–especially in light of the world’s shift to a more digitally-based format of business–while maintaining the essentials of efficiency, compliance, and financial success.

We have proven that our concept works. We have happy, referable clients. Our model has been vetted by other CPAs, banks, and auditors. We remain a highly credentialed group of professionals with advanced degrees in business.

We are WBENC certified, CAS (Client Accounting and Advisory Services) certified by the AICPA, and most recently made the Philadelphia100® list. We attribute these successes to our strong company values: integrity, honesty, professionalism, quality, and concern for our clients.

Our Mission

We exist to inspire confidence in others so that they can achieve their highest potential, however they define that. We do this with outsourced accounting and business services in the following ways:

  • By taking an active role and joining you in creating success
  • In leading by example, with excellence, in our mission
  • By seeking out opportunities to be of greater service
  • By nurturing the inherent greatness of others
  • By taking the uncommon path to create solutions

Our Values

Inspiring Confidence in Others

Our mission is to inspire confidence in others so that they can achieve their highest potential with a clear sense of financial security. We do this by taking an active role in their business, seeking out every opportunity to help them excel, and nurturing their inherent greatness.

Making the Clients Center

We recognize that every client is individual and unique, with a different combination of business needs, circumstances, and personalities. Our purpose is to make each client the center of our focus, meet them where they are, and support them in their own missions through our commitment to excellence in business and accounting solutions.

Providing Excellence With Integrity

Our promise to ourselves and to our clients is to deliver results, with a driven focus by a team of seasoned financial experts, accountants, CFOs and controllers. Our commitment to take the uncommon path, to seek out opportunities, to nurture others’ greatness, to lead by example, and to take an active role in our clients’ success.

These are not just words. They are our way of life.