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The Challenge

Business moves at the speed of light, the economy shifts, new laws are passed, and the world is a new combination of in-person and virtual business. Because of the ever-changing market, most companies face challenges that require them to be extremely responsive and on-point. When they do pursue outsourced solutions, they are met with impersonal cookie-cutter programs. That “one-size-fits-all” approach is standard, ineffective, and frustrating. That’s something you’ll never experience at Ludwig Business Consultants.

Our Solution

We customize the outsourced business solutions model to your needs to provide a cost-effective fresh perspective and a strategic way to improve your bottom line. We provide an in-depth, highly personalized means of retaining experts without incurring the expense of full-time employees, focusing on compliance, strategy, and innovation. This uniquely tailored approach to each company accelerates your cost savings, which can then be invested back into your business to fuel growth and improve stakeholder value.

Our Model

Sectors We Empower

With Ludwig Business Consultants’ team of highly qualified financial professionals, we ensure that your company’s individual needs are met.

Not-for-Profits and Non-Profits

Churches, community improvement projects, environmental protection groups, educational funding and grant agencies… our experience covers these and more. The unique challenges of not-for-profits and non-profits are familiar to us. Our understanding of your essential services and our own commitment to serving are a perfect match.

Individuals and Sole Proprietorships

A home-based caterer. A daycare provider. A personal chef. A private driver. We know how hard it is to establish your own business and run every aspect of it—and then you’re expected to know every aspect of the financial aspect as well? We can manage that and leave you to what matters most to you: the passion that led you to your path.

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