Comprehensive business and accounting solutions as individual as the clients we serve

Our Model

How Our Paradigm Works to Exceed Your Expectations: We Make You the Center

We make you the center, and work with you one-on-one — either in person or virtually — to provide the solutions you need, in a customized system that suits your unique business model.

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The Benefits

Why Our Model Works

Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to retain experts without incurring the expense of full-time employees… when you hire experts who truly look at the balance within your unique organization and restore balance. We offered outsourced models before anyone knew it was possible. Our diversified team of qualified professionals provides:

  • cost savings
  • a “buy what you need” personalization
  • AICPA certified specialists in Client Accounting and Advisory Services
  • a team of support, not just an individual
  • qualified and experienced CFOs, controllers, and transactional accountants
  • an independent, objective, but invested voice

The role of the CFO is more than just bookkeeping and financial management. The modern CFO continues their roles of financial coordination and legal compliance; they must now also be proactive and strategic. They adopt roles formerly held by other positions, including hiring, financial and marketing strategy, technological advancement, and digital presence.

The controller’s role historically involved number-crunching and guaranteeing compliance for the company. The modern controller must expand this to become the hands-on navigator of the company ship: providing stewardship of assets, leading a team who truly understands finance operations, strategizing for the future direction of the company, and driving the execution of these roles with a clear understanding of leadership and personnel management.

Transactional accounting is the backbone of every business’ finance department. Gone are the days of paper ledger books and do-it-yourself bank reconciliations; the variety of modern business modes–from travel to work-from-home, from digital sales to in-person, from local regulations to federal changes–requires that the modern accountant be well-versed in technology and communication, with immediate answers and resources to gather up-to-the-moment accurate data.