Cathie Firlein

Catherine L. Firlein
Director HR/Contract Administration

Cathie is a dynamic and creative professional with a demonstrated record of achieving and surpassing objectives, both operational and strategic, in fast-paced environments. She has a natural talent for her exceptional focus on employee development through mentoring, encouragement, and goal-setting. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and is skilled in motivational speaking. 

After attending Pierce Junior College, Cathie has amassed over 35 years’ experience in business administration. She was one of the first one hundred employees of Bell Atlantic Mobile (now Verizon Wireless) and opened the first virtual call center for Verizon Wireless. She originated a technology-based environment for cross-functional teams and was a keynote speaker for the regional “World Class Customer Service” seminar in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cathie joined LBC in 2014 and has excelled at bringing our community closer together. Born in Delaware County to Italian parents, she mastered the art of great Italian cooking. She has lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and South Carolina.  After a ten-year return to the Philadelphia area, she headed back to South Carolina where she now resides with her husband. She adores her two daughters and four grandchildren and loves to go boating and fishing.

Get to know her in her own words:

What unusual skills or talents do you have that makes you an Individual? 

Over the life of my career, I have found that I am a healer of words and I have never settled for anything less than I can become. That sums it all. 

What is the best thing about your job? 

My entire career I have taken a motto with me: “The great leader is not the one in the spotlight, she is the one leading the applause.” We have a great leader and that makes all the difference to be the absolute best you can be personally and professionally.

What is your ideal vacation? 

Italy to visit with my family’s heritage. And we love to take our boat out on Lake Murray and just be in awe of nature and the beautiful wildlife on the lake. We also love to fish! 

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? 

I never have wanted to be a superhero but if I were to choose it would be an angel, for they are the true superheroes! 

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

MerryMead Cherry Vanilla