Business Case Study: Taking Over All Accounting Operations Last-Minute


Federal Government Contractor – Washington, D.C.  Revenue: > $25M.


Fractional CFO, Controller, and Transactional Accountant


The Company’s Controller took a sudden leave of absence leaving an urgent need for financial leadership. The owners of the company were in a panic as they were faced with immediate needs to process payroll, submit invoices, reconcile bank accounts, and finalize tax returns

Work Performed

Within hours, our team was on-site to begin remediation efforts. Working collaboratively with management, we moved the company’s records onto a cloud-hosted server, coordinated with ADP and multiple other time-tracking apps to ensure timely payments to employees, and reconstructed the billing process. In addition, we worked with the tax return preparer to provide information to prepare and submit the tax returns. We restored order and restored a steady cash flow.

Once the emergency subsided, we were able to accurately report and pay all remaining bills, including credit card debt, operational expenses, and quarterly taxes— thus avoiding penalties and fees which would have crippled the company


With restored visibility, the company is now back on track to continue in its rapid growth mode. Ultimately, they have made the strategic decision to outsource their operational financial leadership to us as we continue to partner with them on their path to future success.