The Perks of a Small Accounting Firm

It’s no secret that we are growing and hiring. Yet the employment field is a tough one right now, with the level of competition for seasoned employees. Everyone says they want to work for a large firm. Yet small accounting firms have hidden advantages which make us highly desirable to job hunters and recruiters alike. Here are a few of those reasons.


      1. More Variety.
        Large firms like to pigeon-hole tasks. For example, an acquaintance’s entire job, all day, every day, is recording and processing checks. That’s it. A small firm provides the opportunity to see a varied mix of clients, and to get involved in all aspects of an account.

      1. Clear Impact.
        At large firms, you might work with some well-known companies. But you don’t get to see the impact you make on them, the people they serve, their employees. In a smaller firm, you see the effect you have on your clients and their lives, as you work with them directly.

      1. Healthy Work-Life Balance.
        Let’s be honest, the larger a company gets, the more it prioritizes profit over people. Yes, turning a profit is essential to staying in business. But small firms tend to be more fluid, flexible, and realistic when it comes to employees having a life.

      1. Opportunity for Growth.
        One of the most beautiful parts of working at a small firm is that we encounter a variety of clients across economic sectors—in fact, our firm is almost evenly split between for-profit and not-for-profit clients. Having that hands-on experience provides career-boosting opportunities that would take someone years to accomplish in a large firm.

      1. Sense of Ownership.
        In a small firm, you form genuine and lasting relationships with your clients, associates, and superiors. Here, we take more initiation and ownership over our professional development. Further, that camaraderie and dedication serve all aspects of our lives.

      1. Supportive Team Environment.
        There’s no question that this small firm is a team, where we’ve formed genuine friendships. It’s a supportive atmosphere where you interact directly with others who have different experiences or are more seasoned, and you can collaborate more closely with them.

    If you believe you’re ready to make the move to a small firm, please head over to ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, or Indeed, and apply for our Senior Accountant position.

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